Lady Maenada

Lady Maenada



Lady Maenada - Temet Nosce - Know yourself

With my powerful demeanour of a maenad, which resembles that of a brave and fearless warrior of Dionysus, I will give you the security and safety that you need right now, so that you can let yourself fall into my protective and guiding hands at any time and with complete trust.

Give me your trust and I will honour it. I know what is good for you and if you leave all your decisions to my discretion, I will guide you sensitively and fairly along the path so that you will be a useful subject to me in the future. I want me to become a part of you, just as you will be a part of me. My voice shall always ring in your ears and manifest in your mind. 

Find your fulfilment and satisfaction in the destructive idolatry of a maenad that makes you the plaything of her whims and lusts. I expect loyalty and respect, and that my commands are carried out with devotion immediately, otherwise you will feel my concentrated wrath and be burnt by the fire of demonic passion. 

Like the Maenads did, I will gently transport you into a state of ecstasy. Intoxicated by my grace and my divine power, I will help you to experience the expansion of consciousness in your life, the detachment from the here-and-now and the transcending of physical boundaries. Dare and experience what it means to be dominated by a true maenad...

Preferences & Services

This is a selection of preferences and services from Lady Maenada. Please contact them directly for further services and details.

  • Anal games (E. g. Strapon)
  • Ballbusting
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Dilators
  • Strawberry games
  • Facesitting
  • Feminization (e.g. Sissy training, TV education)
  • Foot eroticism
  • Classical (English) education
  • Clinic
  • Caviar
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Looning
  • Mummification
  • Needling/sewing
  • Golden shower
  • Couples and ladies welcome
  • Whip/cane/spanking
  • Pet Play
  • Wrestling
  • Role Play
  • Vomit
  • Smoking fetish
  • Electricity treatment
  • Tease and Denial
  • Interrogations