A mystically wicked house with flair

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave (Hotel California)

Idyllically situated in the vicinity of the Landschaftspark Nord industrial museum in a wooded industrial area and conveniently located directly on the A42 motorway, the BIzarrfabrik offers BDSM lovers everything to make their fetish hearts beat faster on 750qm.

Even from the outside, the imposing red brick building from the 19th century gives an idea of the historical events this house has already experienced. As the former Neumühl railway station and the most important connection to the entire Ruhr area, it served as a central transport hub for a long time. The tracks have now given way to a park, but even today many objects bear witness to the historical occupation events that this building has experienced. Whether occupied by the French in the First World War or by squatters in the 1980s, relics of times past can be found everywhere and have been consciously preserved. For about a quarter of a century, this building was the realm of the "Alter Bizarrer Bahnhof" (ABB), which wrote a piece of BDSM history in Germany as a nationally known dominatrix studio. After closing in August 2023 and subsequent renovation work, the building now shines in new splendour, darker and more wicked than ever before, owned and personally run by Calea Toxic ®, whose career from successful police superintendent and aspiring police councillor to Germany's best-known dominatrix has gained international renown.

Step into another world!

Whether it's the flair of the 150-year-old brick building with high walls, the squeaky wooden floors or the labyrinthine long corridors of the building, in which many a guest has lost his way, there is undeniably a very special flair here!

When the black curtain at the entrance door opens, you immediately feel the mystical and wicked atmosphere that makes you forget time and space. If you follow the housekeeper as she leads you up an ancient, solid wooden staircase past the glamorous gold mirror and into the antique reception lounge, you'll know by now that you've landed in another world! Now it's a matter of waiting a moment while you sip your offered drink and browse through antique fetish magazines, then the lady of your choice will pick you up and take you by torchlight to one of the many lovingly designed playrooms.

Fetish and BDSM fans from all over the world now find their platform in the largest studio in North Rhine-Westphalia to live out their most taboo desires and bizarre passions. Whether it's a detailed, authentic clinic for bizarre emergencies, dark wicked rooms that provide space for role-playing games as well as punishments and tortures, a bondage chamber for captivating eroticism, a latex room for wet shiny frivolous games or a mirror room and whirlpool, fetish dreams come true here. The basement rooms have become legendary for photo and film shoots and almost seem like a museum of prehistoric instruments of torture. Whether first steps or lived passion - the Bizarrfabrik offers the ideal environment to live out lust and passion.

Our guests love the anonymity in the wooded industrial area with many parking spaces directly in front of the door, the long opening hours (11am - 11pm) and the convenient accessibility from Duisburg-Neumühl. Located directly on the A42 motorway, the studio is equally easy to reach from the Netherlands, Belgium and the entire Ruhr region, as well as from the metropolises of Düsseldorf and Cologne. Enter the world of the Bizarrfabrik and get a first impression of some of the play possibilities below.

Entrance, appearance and equipment

Discreetly located in a loft-like industrial area and surrounded by parkland, the imposing brick building of the Bizarrfabrik awaits you.

If you ring the bell at the door, which is hidden from view by plant hedges during opening hours, the black curtain will quickly open and you will be warmly welcomed by one of our permanent housekeepers. She will lead you past the dark entrance and up a beautiful old wooden staircase with high ceilings to the upper floor, where you can wait for the lady of your choice in the antique reception room. Just by looking to the left and right along the long, dark corridors, you can get an idea of the spacious dimensions of the studio.

Everywhere you look, you'll see loving historical details and countless hidden play opportunities. You can hear the creaking wooden floorboards under the black carpeting and immediately feel like you can let go of all your worries and responsibilities. Not only are our rooms perfectly equipped with countless toys and BDSM furniture, you will also find play opportunities in the corridors such as a huge glory hole cage, St. Andrew's crosses, a hidden school corner and various historical BDSM furniture. In the rooms you will find the latest style fetish furniture as well as solid wooden and leather constructions of a quality that is often no longer possible today.

A wide range of accessories for mobile equipment makes the heart of every fetishist beat faster. Whether it's an electric Fuxx machine from Stylefetish, an inflatable latex sarcophagus, a latex body bag or the Venus 2000 milking machine, special experiences await you here that you won't soon forget! A large selection of latex clothing and masks for our guests rounds off our offer, so that you don't have to concentrate on anything else but enjoying your time with us.

Reception Lounge

In the beautifully antique reception lounge, you can relax to the sound of electronic music before the session and discuss your wishes and fantasies with the lady of your choice over a drink. Here you will quickly forget time and space, because you never know what awaits you and where our enchanting ladies will take you...

Throne Room

A composition of cool chains, the finest crocodile leather and extravagant light installations awaits you in the large throne room. The four-metre-high ceilings suspended by metal grilles, the driving sound of the music system, the huge LED-backed mirrors and the view of the stone steps that lead step by step to the heavy leather throne create a special atmosphere. As you climb the steps, you quickly realise what position you will be in here as you lie down next to your goddess. Whether you're being fixed to the huge XXL spider web made of chains or the ultra-heavy St Andrew's cross made of real anchor chains, whether you're relaxing on the huge leather bed with gynaecological leg rests or penetrating the massive leather sling, you can expect a special kind of experience here.

Red Parlour

Impressive nostalgic SM furniture, solid real wood, red leather and red light - welcome to the Red Salon! Whether slave chair with head clamp, cage with lockable door, punishment trestle, St Andrew's cross, pulley block or suspended chain cage, here you can immerse yourself in another world. The giant restraint bed with its metre-high wooden beams, over 90 eyelets for fixation and the permanently mounted pillory provide relaxation. The full-length mirrors on the walls and oversized mirrors above the bed, combined with the LED lighting effects, create the perfect atmosphere of being at your mercy.

Bondage Room

The solid wooden frame of the room, which is decorated entirely in green with a choice of cosy candlelight ambience or poisonous green or blue LED light, enables bondage of a special kind. This is where our bondage and shibari artists let off steam for die-hard fans of bondage. Pulleys lift even the heaviest weight and allow the delinquent to float in space. The solid leather-covered box is just as inviting for locking away as it is for relaxed enjoyment.

A hanging pillory, the classic trestle with built-in restraints, a restraint chair and dozens of chains and ropes leave no restraint option untouched. For our sporty guests, a 3x3 metre sports mat is set up in the hall in no time at all, allowing femdom wrestling and wrestling in any sporting or erotic variation.


In the Titanic room not only the heart of every sailor beats faster! Antique furniture and loving maritime design combined with the latest Stylefetish BDSM furniture invite you to play in this large room! Whether it's the modern gynaecological chair, the stylish punishment trestle, the leather slave chair, the solid steel and leather bondage couch with mirrored roof and LED lighting or the fixation on a real antique ship's wheel, this is where slave dreams come true! Particularly practical: directly connected to your own bathroom and shower as well as a passageway to our clinic, you can switch seamlessly between playing in the black and white areas.


Our perfectly equipped clinic with its own separate sanitary area is the favourite playground of our enchanting bizarre doctors and intensive care nurses.

The large original electric gynaecological treatment chair can be raised to any height and enables intensive examinations of our patients. An original hospital bed, a patient examination couch with a deck-mounted traction system for the patient's best part and an illuminated toilet chair for optimum visual gourmet experiences round off the examination options. Whether strict fixation by means of Segufix fixation systems, metal eyelets or straps, even complicated cases are examined here... The entire room is surrounded by cupboards that provide the goddesses in white with all the examination material that the heart of every lover of white games desires.

You can seamlessly switch from white to black games in the Titanic room via the adjoining sanitary area.

Blue Lagoon

Welcome to the jungle of bizarre lust and passion! In this all-blue room, a massive and original electric gynaecologist's chair awaits you, completely covered in black leather for clinical games in the black area. The Stylefetish toilet chair directly in front of a huge mirrored wall with LED lights provides the perfect backdrop for some wet games. For punishment or pampering, it's off to the leather stretching bench or, for particularly naughty subjects, to the two-metre-long steel cage on wheels. A slave chair with penetration options in all sizes and a variety of examination materials in the black cupboards round off the Blue Lagoon.

Hall of Mirrors

A dream made of steel and leather awaits you in the dark neo-industrial design of the almost completely mirrored hall of mirrors... Whether fixed to the Stylefetish wall pillory with device for Magic Wand or the slave chair with arm spreaders, here you can admire your goddess in a 360-degree all-round view! You can either relax on the huge leather-covered XXL steel lounger or be held tightly in place while you can admire the goddess and yourself from all sides and from above. A large black leather buck and countless toys round off the mirror experience.


The Bunker is our smallest playroom and ideal for those who like it small and cosy. In this red and black room with its huge red LED-lit wall mirrors and black walls, it's not just the extensive range of toys and the black latex couch that provide entertainment of a special kind. The massive electric red gynaecological chair weighing several hundred kilos and the leather slave chair invite you to engage in particularly wicked games.