Welcome to the Bizarrfabrik

Dear visitors, guests, friends and colleagues. I am pleased to introduce you to my Bizarrfabrik on the following pages.

With the Bizarrfabrik, I have fulfilled a dream for the second time and created a life's work. I fulfilled the first dream when, in 2017, after eleven years as a successful police officer, most recently as a dedective inspector on my way to becoming a superintendent, I decided to turn my passion into a career. I gave up my secure career in the police force to dedicate myself exclusively to my passion in the fetish and BDSM field after careful consideration. With the Bizarrfabrik I have now fulfilled my next dream.

Inspired by many trips and visits to other dominatrix studios in Germany and Europe, I got a good impression of the conditions under which working is fun and under which it is not. With the Bizarrfabrik, I want to create a place where all ladies and guests feel equally comfortable. On the historic grounds of the old goods station in Duisburg-Neumühl, I have created a realm of 750 qm where fetish lovers can find everything their hearts desire.

Nowhere else than in this old station building, which became a scene of historically significant occupation events in the city and in whose walls the "Alter Bizarrer Bahnhof" has resided for a quarter of a century, have I felt so much aura, energy and creativity. With great attention to detail, I have furnished room after room and created an erotic-bizarre world where you can live out your most taboo fantasies.

I would like to usher in a new era in this historic and special place with a new concept, a new look, a lot of passion and the "who's who" of the best mistresses and bizarre ladies in Europe. I am already looking forward to welcoming you soon in the largest studio in North Rhine-Westphalia!

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