Sirena Sphinx

Sirena Sphinx


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Dear slaves, masochists, experienced, beginners and the curious!

I have long loved exploring the hidden corners of humanity, however bizarre and whimsical they may be. I will take you on a journey where we will make your most secret fantasies and darkest desires real.

To achieve this, I will penetrate deep into your psyche, take away your senses, and like a spider weave a web perfectly adapted to you, to which you are hopelessly at my mercy. I will fix you, play with you and seduce you until you beg for release.

For me as a reaction fetishist, sadistic games are an absolute pleasure, both in the black area of BDSM and in the clinic. It can be a bit harder sometimes. But it's not only the pleasure of torture that excites me, but also the trust and devotion that my subs show me in these sessions.

Of course, newcomers are also gently introduced to the world of BDSM, taking into account their preferences and taboos.