Missy van Licks

Missy van Licks



Missy van Licks - Goddess of Lust. Healer. Rebel.

I am sensual, graceful, authentic and live BDSM with every fibre of my delicate body. 

I put outdated ideas and generally accepted rules up for discussion and consistently bring my personal ideas and expertise to every session. 

I particularly enjoy bizarre, erotic play together, sometimes at eye level, sometimes with pervasive dominance. I take complete possession of your body and mind, study your innermost needs and take you to the limits of your imagination. 

Whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience, in my care you can let yourself fall completely. My guests are offered a space in which they can live out their deepest desires, no matter how dark or "perverted" they may seem! Mutual trust and devotion is the basis of our pleasurable time together! 

"Missy Van Licks is a provocative lady who is not afraid to enhance and satisfy her own lust for your body."