Miss Mazekeen and Miss Minou

Miss Mazekeen and Miss Minou


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Miss Mazekeen and Miss Minou - Do you want to play with us?

Yes, that's right, two mistresses are waiting for you here ... With us you will be part of our very own game.

We love to watch the other one use you. An erotic show of lust, desire, submission, devotion and pain...

... Naked and kneeling, you sit in the corner of the dark room and feel the cold coming up from the floor. Your gaze is lowered and you hear footsteps coming closer and closer. You feel stares, more and more stares. Miss Mazekeen's laughter can be heard. "Good boy"

Miss Minou walks towards you and runs her fingernails over your bare back. You shudder and welts appear on your back. "Are you ready?" Minou asks, barely audible. As if under duress, you nod. Mazekeen's grin widens. She grabs a whip and closes the door from the inside...