Miss Agine

Miss Agine


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Miss Agine - Traditional bondage art meets modern dominance

I am a classic dominatrix, with a special focus on bondage and humiliation.

I have mastered the art of Shibari, the Japanese rope bondage, and have a pronounced preference for taking more control away from my counterpart with each layer of rope. Being tied up by me means letting yourself fall and being caught by my sensitive hands.

I love the feeling of power when my counterpart surrenders to me. You can squirm all you want, because there is no escape from my ropes.

Whether torture bondage or sensual bondage, security or helplessness, my types of play are diverse and adaptable to every body and mind.

I like to play with ropes as one component of a session, but it can also include other things. I have a very natural sadism that is often psychologically pronounced.

So I love it when you squirm in shame or I see the anxious anticipation in your gaze.

A personal favourite of mine is to humiliate subs using my boots, socks and feet. Trampling, teasing or educating you to be a doormat, as well as foot eroticism and foot worship fall into my play area.

A session with me is authentic, sensual, deep and far away from everyday life and normality.