Madame Eva-Liliel Black

Madame Eva-Liliel Black


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Madame Eva-Liliel Black - Say my name and say it right

Fetish Universe is where I feel at home, it is my territory and my Garden of Eden where I and everyone who comes into it is allowed to be their true self. No judgement, only acceptance, passion and play. I am the true sommelier of Darkness in a Human soul and as  Camus once put, “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.”

I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix, a passionate and souverain Domme who can be as playful as mean, but always stays fair and resolute. I have discovered my “deviant” sexuality at a very early age which has given me the opportunity to submerge into the hidden Worlds of Kink, BDSM, studies of sexuality and sexology for a long time and discover and define myself. 

I have a special kind of gift: I am able to recognize the needs of my sub and create a unique play setting with exactly the proportion of strict and playful, close and distant, bizarre and classical set up for their particular needs, using my experience, knowledge and empathy. I follow my heart and intuition to create and navigate every session as a special event of its own.

I am highly versatile when it comes to my kinks but in core identify as a reaction fetishist: someone who derives pleasure by watching their submissive to be turned on – the responses of my sub trigger different sides of me - the more you enjoy it the more I shall give it to you. I am very much into mind Games. It gives me pleasure to subtly enter your mind, press some buttons, drive you to your limits and use your body as my own personal instrument of lust and pain. Voracious wardrobe of nylons, lingerie, stilettos & boots, wigs, silk, vinyl, leather and latex outfits as well as vast, ever-expanding collection of instruments of torture and pleasure are there to help me with this task. 

I find it amusing to watch you degrade yourself and accept the pain for my pleasure. If you will do a good job I promise you a prize – my smile. A sadistic mean smile on my beautiful face is the sweetest reward you’d ever have. And trust me, you will never forget it and shall forever seek for more.  

I do not care about the amount of pain or humiliation you are able to take, what matters to me is that you do it in my name. 

I identify as a follower of the Classical FemDom Dominance style and I am a good and passionate educator and disciplinarian. 

I wholeheartedly welcome defined slaves, subs and fetishists with experience and established set of kinks, especially those with masochistic treats and unusual kinks.  

I also derive as much pleasure in introducing absolute newbies, soft-core players and tantra followers and expect fullest commitment and devotion. 

The variety of my facets will beguile you in My game ...

Sessions could be held in Englisch, German Russian or Japanese.

Sensual Players, Tantric Kinksters and simply Beginners are mostly welcome.