Lomi Faith

Lomi Faith



Lomi Faith - Live out your darkest fantasies

You dream of a dominant lady who is sweet but knows exactly what she wants and sees what you need!

When I walk into the room, all eyes are on me. They say it's because of my extreme charisma.

Men fall for me without me doing anything. I get what I want with a smile and I love to use my charms to get to my destination as quickly as possible.


I will transform you into my sissy, teach you how to move and behave, then we will go more in depth and I will test how far I can play with your mouth and *** with my strap-on.

Latex fetishists, you want a particularly hot game with the shiny material, perfect.I've rediscovered latex play in the last year and I'm really into it. We're both completely covered in latex, you can oil me up and get closer to me than in any other session.

I will tease you and bring you to ecstasy again and again and then let you fall again. So that you think you're going crazy towards the end.
But don't worry, you'll get relief when I decide that you can.

Slaves and doormats

With a gag in your mouth, you'll be nice and quiet, except when I release it briefly so that you can lick my spit out of the dog bowl and lick the soles of my shiny, hot heels clean.

You will take my heel deep into your mouth and suck it really hard.
My sweet grin will cast a spell over you and make you even more submissive than you already are, until your own will is just a distant illusion.

Chastity, slapping, CBT, whipping and other means of playing with you are part of my standard repertoire and a beloved part of my play.
Being close to you, so close that I can perceive your every reaction, triggers me in particular.
A loving pat on your head can very quickly turn into a lash with the whip. I mean carrot and stick the way I say it.
Know that you are a plaything of my imagination in every situation, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I am absolutely respectful of what we discuss in advance and am fully aware that my counterpart has boundaries and taboos, even if they are looking up from below.

Do you want to live out your darkest fantasies, delve into the depths of your soul and discover new penetrations?

To be able to discuss this in advance and let yourself go perfectly in the game.
Your taboos are safe with me, unless you want them to be broken or extended in advance.
Respectful interaction is absolutely important to me.

An open text in which you tell me your fantasies and taboos is of interest to me, so I can better assess you and get a good picture.
Write me more than three abbreviations, let me know when and how I can get back to you, discretion is one of my top priorities.

Beginners are absolutely welcome and don't have to worry about being met at the door with a whip.
Sessions that take place more at eye level, in which we explore hot materials on my body and yours together, suit me just as well as playing with the submissive.

I am very emphatic and therefore quickly notice where we meet and harmonize.


Preferences & Services

This is a selection of preferences and services from Lomi Faith. Please contact them directly for further services and details.

  • Age Play (E. g. Diapers)
  • Anal games (E. g. Strapon)
  • Ballbusting
  • Bizarre eroticism/touchability
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Dilators
  • Strawberry games
  • Facesitting
  • Feminization (e.g. Sissy training, TV education)
  • Foot eroticism
  • Classical (English) education
  • Caviar
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Looning
  • Mummification
  • Golden shower
  • Couples and ladies welcome
  • Whip/cane/spanking
  • Pet Play
  • Role Play
  • Electricity treatment
  • Tease and Denial
  • Interrogations