Lady Lucia Lucifa

Lady Lucia Lucifa



Lucia Lucifa - SM full of passion

I am Lucia Lucifa and I live my SM full of passion and 
always with a lot of fun.
 You are looking for a young, attractive dominant woman, who is only too happy to 
 and knows how to show you where to go, knows exactly what to do with you, stimulates you 
 stimulates and excites you until you almost can't stand it anymore? 
 until you can't stand it anymore? I like unusual things - make me curious and 
 and excite me with your ideas, so that we can go the bizarre way together. 
 the bizarre way full of debauchery and depravity.
 And let it get dirty - I want to make you wet with my Golden 
 Shower until you choke and even then I'll keep going, relentlessly. 
 I'll keep going, relentlessly and mercilessly. Once I get 
 once I get going, nothing can stop me and certainly not you. 
 - but you don't really want that. I know exactly what a 
 horny and lustful piece you are and what moves you, what you want to experience 
 you want to experience - let it all out, reveal yourself to me with your spirit and your 
 lustful flesh.

Are you hungry? Believe me, you'll learn to love my chocolate desserts... 
 and I love it when you're lying under me like that... 
 with your eyes wide open, begging for it.
 Or are you looking for the perfect S&M doctor, competent in the white clinic area, creative and sustainable? 
 creative and sustainable even in intimate treatments? 
 Surely you need a proctological-rectal examination, during which I can feel 
 every millimetre of your anus until I give you pleasurable redemption. 
 to you. My very special anamnesis will give you an idea 
 already gives you an idea of what I am capable of doing to you. 
 believe me: there is much more possible.
 No matter what your dreams and desires are, no matter what you would like to live out and what 
 and what urgently needs to be released - in me, Lucia Lucifa, 
 you will find an open-minded, curious and for almost everything open 
 dominant playmate who will drive you out of your mind. I promise you.
 Come here!