Lady Kalomira

Lady Kalomira




Lady Kalomira - Discover my different personalities from soft to hard

Welcome to my profile, you may call me Kalomira.

This ad is for women, men, couples and non-binary people.

Now about me: I am a multi-faceted person, but if you are looking for a thoroughly serious dominatrix, you are in the wrong place. You can see that I enjoy my work, which is also due to the fact that I only accept session dates that are suitable and coherent for me.

There are different personalities in me, e.g. there is a sadist who is happy about experienced masochists on whom I can really let off steam. On the other hand, there is also an empathic dominant lady who likes to take beginners by the hand to show them the wonderful world of BDSM.

I myself am an untouchable dominatrix and switching is out of the question for me.

What you can rely on with me is that I offer you an unprejudiced space in which you can communicate and live out your fantasies/fetishes/preferences openly and discreetly with me.
If you are interested in a session with me, I expect you to send me an email or a WhatsApp message with the following content:

- Greeting
- Your name (does not have to be your real name)
- Your fantasies/your fetish/your preferences
- Your available times
- For which city are you inquiring
- How you became aware of me

Preferences & Services

This is a selection of preferences and services from Lady Kalomira. Please contact them directly for further services and details.

  • Anal games (E. g. Strapon)
  • Ballbusting
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Dilators
  • Strawberry games
  • Facesitting
  • Feminization (e.g. Sissy training, TV education)
  • Foot eroticism
  • Classical (English) education
  • Caviar
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Looning
  • Mummification
  • Needling/sewing
  • Golden shower
  • Couples and ladies welcome
  • Whip/cane/spanking
  • Role Play
  • Vomit
  • Smoking fetish
  • Tease and Denial
  • Interrogations