Lady June

Lady June



Lady June - Let yourself in for my sensual dominant style!

It is the fantasy that drives us all, to want to be someone else, to leave the boundaries of everyday life behind, to explore and discover new or old things that take you on a journey to the subconscious. I love to slip into different roles again and again and I especially like to wrap myself in different clothes, whether latex, the strict smock or the selection of my nylons that you have to worship. A few years ago I started to find my way as a guide of fantasy and lust.

I can show you worlds that you may not yet know and cross a threshold with you. I will play with you and perhaps have to torture you in the process. Because it is often the pain that opens something up, that leads you to knowledge through submission and surrender to me.

I am an experienced clinician and offer, as you can see from my inclinations, one or the other specialty. Of course I am also classic but always bizarre in many other areas of BDSM.