Lady Aurelia van Foxx

Lady Aurelia van Foxx



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Lady Aurelia van Foxx - Classical Dominatrix, Fetishlady & Femdom Queen

Lady Aurelia van Foxx, untouchable dominatrix and clinician extraordinaire, offers you
extraordinary sessions that exceed the limits of your imagination.
You want to enjoy being completely at your mercy and let yourself fall? Put down your responsibility
and give yourself completely to me. I let your darkest and dirtiest dreams become reality.
become reality. There will be no escape for you. I will take control of you
and drive you out of your mind.

I am unapproachable and untouchable. You will serve me as a toy. I may do anything, you may do nothing.
You will be tortured, interrogated, humiliated, put on display, fixed and so on. If you submit,
I'll let you spoil my feet, but that's all!

You are a submissive slave? Fetishist? Patient? Masochist? Or beginner?
Highly sensitive, empathetic, passionate and with a great interest in demanding inclinations and fetishes.
and fetishes, I will respond to you and your bizarre needs individually.
Dr. Aurelia van Foxx asks for treatment

You need a thorough check-up and examination? Even without
medical training, Dr. van Foxx has the necessary sensitivity to make you feel safe and let go.
feel safe and let go.

In an extensive preliminary talk we will discuss your fantasies and wishes: from fetish clinic
to authentic preventive examinations and surgery simulation. After that I will
I will treat you carefully and intensively with special sensitivity. Especially for patients with anxiety
I offer a special therapy that even experienced clinicians appreciate.