Goddess Aurora

Goddess Aurora


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Goddess Aurora - Mistress of the night

I have been an experienced dominatrix for many years and enjoy living out my inclinations and
preferences in a professional setting. BDSM is a concept of life for me
concept of life and always more reality than play.

When you play with me, I am your adorable goddess, supreme authority or active play leader.
active game leader. I enjoy games centred around the themes of power/control, pain,
fetishism or completely at eye level. Whether beginner or long-time
regulars - I enjoy creating my own special moments with each person.
All genders are welcome with me.

I like to play with my body. With my sensual curves, elegant movements and
movements and a penetrating gaze, I will captivate you completely.
At the same time, I attach great importance to reaching you on a linguistic and
interpersonal level. Through my distinctive eloquence and my
imaginative nature, I will not only shake your body, but also your head to its foundations.
to the foundations. BDSM can be very physical or pure psychology -
I use both with the greatest pleasure.

I not only feel part of the BDSM scene, but also of the gothic scene for over 10 years.
for over 10 years. I like to integrate this preference into my game. I love scene-typical
clothing, the dark and morbid and like to accompany my sessions with appropriate
music. As a lover of the black scene, you are in good hands with me.
My play is always safe, sane and consensual. I also respect the basic idea of
risk-aware consensual kink. In short: for me, safety and consensus form the basis of every
of every encounter.