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Eva Hardcore



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Eva Hardcore - Feel My Aura

Don't miss your chance to meet the gorgeous Lady Hardcore for real.

They say of me that I am persistently dominant when I bring my slaves on the path of obedience.
I just say, yes ! that's true and now it's up to you to try it out....

Feel my aura as you crawl across the threshold into my sphere of power. If my whims permit, I am lustfully and viciously generous. If not, you shall suffer and thus feel my lust for torment in full force ! To your baser origins I will lead you back, straight into the abysses of your perverted fantasies and unfulfilled longings. 

If you are a little fetish piglet, I will stage what you deserve: dirty role-playing according to the rules of my fantasies. My NS will be liquid gold for you - tasty and tingling! My KV will also be served exquisitely.  

I show you where it goes! 

Punishments and captivating treatments in the black area are just as much part of my repertoire as emergency treatments for patients in need of therapy.