Baroness Babalon

Baroness Babalon


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Baroness Babalon - Curvy Goddess with Gigantic Butt

I am the embodiment of fullness and female superiority simply through my physicality.

The connoisseur and lover of ruby ladies finds in me a woman who loves her fullness, finds it sexy, likes to play with it. I am well aware of the effect my curves have on the supposedly stronger sex. You will adore and worship me - I am your new goddess!

My dominance lies in my breathtaking looks and overpowering weight. The fan of big butts and facesitting experiences completely new dimensions under my gigantic butt. You are my sofa cushion, my seating furniture and much more. By the way, I am an avid fan of the drawings of the Japanese artist Namio Harukawa. I use my curves and you feel small, helpless, at my mercy and at the same time warm and safe while breathing becomes more and more difficult and you slowly run out of air...

Would you like a private medical treatment from Dr. Gründlich? Then I will receive you in my sexological private clinic for a comprehensive anamnesis and thorough examination. Afterwards you will directly undergo the prescribed therapy...

I love extensive flagellation, which I perform passionately and with a strict hand after the warm-up phase. My strokes patter down on you, sometimes in time on the same or alternating spots. When you think you have recognised a pattern, it unexpectedly hisses from another direction...

On the other hand, I have an almost soft heart for my sissies, TVs, crossdressers and all special beings. I am grateful for everyone whom I may accompany on the way. My goal is to build a trusting long-term relationship between us in a discreet setting. This offers us a protected space in which we can dive deep into your fantasies, work out your other side, shape it and bring it to life. You will be seen and allowed to be who and what you really are. And depending on your mood, I will either drive out your horniness or make you my willing slut. I will then train you and train until you are the usable whore, which is in you...

Babalon is what I call myself, because this figure embodies partly contradictory aspects of the feminine. On the one hand she is the great mother who gives life and on the other hand the mother of abominations. In the Bible she appears as the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast - a beautiful image of how female sexual energy ultimately subdues and dominates male desire. I identify with Babalon because I have that creative creative as well as destructive power. I incorporate both into my sessions. I also see her mystical strength and her feminine divinity in me.

You want to belong to me completely? Wonderful, because I love chastity and enjoy having absolute control over your pleasure. Every drop of you belongs to ME - your new goddess Babalon!

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